Chemical Storage Solutions


Water Guard distributes medium to heavy duty polyethylene tanks from leading manufacturers capable of storing products up to 1.9 specific gravity. 


Part No. Capacity Weight Dimensions Lid
VT0105-23† 105 Gallon 40 23 x 65 7″ 1″
VT0160-28 160 Gallon 58 28 x 68 8″ 1″
VT0225-31 225 Gallon 67 31 x 76 8″ 1-1/2″
VT0265-31 265 Gallon 76 31 x 88 8″ 1-1/2″
VT0500-46 500 Gallon 120 46 x 77 8″ 2″

Ace Roto-Mold Vertical Tanks 

Ace Roto-Mold tanks are free standing, flat bottom tanks with gallon markers for level viewing. These tanks are well suited for indoor or outdoor use for general storage of products Water Guard distributes. Click on the tank model below for its technical drawing. 

VT0105-23   105 Gallon Tank   23" wide x 65" tall

VT0160-28   160 Gallon Tank   28" wide x 65" tall

VT0225-31   225 Gallon Tank   31" wide x 76" tall

VT0265-31   265 Gallon Tank   31" wide x 88" tall

VT0500-46   500 Gallon Tank   46" wide x 77" tall

All of these tanks come with the option of a 2" bulkhead fitting. Water Guard does not reccomend bulkhead fittings installed on general storage applications. 



Schutz Eco-Bulk WMX 

Water Guard distributes robust tubular steel grid framed polyethylene tanks manufactured by Schutz Packaging Solutions. All washed Schutz Eco-Bulk WMX tanks are equipped with 2" bulkhead fittings and are ideal for small bulk transport of products up to 1.9 specific gravity. Water Guard offers two options for Schutz WMX Eco-Bulk Containers.

WMX 1000 liter / 275 gallon equipped with steel pallet

WMX 1250 liter / 330 gallon equipped with plastic pallet

Schutz WMX Eco-Bulk Container Data Sheet

Schutz WMX Eco-Bulk Container Parts



Snyder Megatainer Intermediate Bulk Container

Snyder Industries' Megatainer is the largest IBC Water Guard distributes. Made completely of 1/2" molded polyethelene, it is the most corrosion resistant tote available. With a storage capacity of 550 gallons, the Snyder Megatainer is equivalent to ten 55 gallon drums or two 275 gallon IBC totes.  Click on the models below for a specification sheet. 

Snyder Megatainer 550 Gallon IBC

Snyder Megatainer 550 Gallon IBC LX

Snyder Megatainer Brochure




Snyder Bulk Storage Tanks

When bulk tanks are needed for larger inventories of treatment products, Snyder Industries makes a great line of bulk storage solutions. High density, cross-linked polyethylene tanks with U.V. stabilization and a sodium hypochlorite resin give these tanks a rugged lifespan even with extended outdoor use.


1810000N    850 Gallon Tank   48" wide x 117" tall

1831000N   1000 Gallon Tank   60" wide x 89" tall

1770000N   1500 Gallon Tank   86" wide x 72" tall

5050000N   2000 Gallon Tank   90" wide x 88" tall 

Snyder Captor Double Wall Bulk Tanks
Double walled tanks manufactured by Synder are literally tanks molded to fit inside of other tanks providing advanced performance and safety for bulk product handling. External materials such as dust, dirt or snow are completely safe from entering the enclosed chemical containment tank.
5470000N   1100 Gallon Double Wall Tank   76" wide x 104" tall
5490000N   1550 Gallon Double Wall Tank   76" wide x 136" tall
5570000N   2000 Gallon Double Wall Tank   102" wide x 103" tall
5580000N   2500 Gallon Double Wall Tank   102" wide x 122" tall
5590000N   3000 Gallon Double Wall Tank   102" wide x 142" tall
5630000N   5000 Gallon Double Wall Tank   102" wide x 216" tall