About Us

What began as a supply division of a Wilson, NC testing laboratory in 1962 grew steadily into one of the largest chemical distributors in the Carolinas. In 1977, the employees purchased the Water Guard division and set up as an independent water treatment distributor, Water Guard Incorporated. The initial emphasis was on boiler and cooling towers but with the passage of the Clean Water Act of 1977 demand quicky shifted to providing products for public & private water utilities. By 1981, the company introduced small bulk chemical deliveries to water plants and swimming pools in the area. This delivery method, where products were delivered directly to their point of use, began saving customers time and money all while offering a higher level of service. 


The company expanded its products and services throughout the next two decades, becoming a service center and distribution hub for metering pumps, flowmeters, filtration and process equipment. More trucks were added to the company's logistics fleet to keep up with the growing demand for small bulk chemicals. By the turn of the century, Water Guard became the largest distributor of industrial bleach to potable water systems and swimming pools in Eastern North Carolina. During the 2000s, Water Guard increased its inventory and delivery capabilities on its most distributed products, as well as increasing its focus on industrial water and wastewater treatment. Tanker trucks, partitioned and small batch tanker trucks were added to the company's versatile fleet. 

And on to Today

Water Guard has kept its focus on water and wastewater treatment in both the industrial and municipal markets. In addition, Water Guard has products to meet the needs of food processing and agriculture facilities as well. Performance testing, product case studies and consultation are all done by our experienced staff and technicians.


Today, Water Guard is still employee owned and its staff works alongside customers to acheive the best treatment results. Water Guard understands business partnerships are built on people to people relationships and not just simply business to business transactions. The determination to provide effective products at the right price and in the best manner is the company's core commitment. 


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