Water & Wastewater Chemicals

Water Guard manufactures, repackages and distributes many products for a variety of applications. Many of the products offered are NSF certified for use in potable water systems. Below is a list of chemicals offered based on application. Water Guard maintains safety and technical data sheets for the chemicals it distributes. Click on the corresponding link for each chemical to download its material safety data sheet and technical bulletin.


Aluminum Chloride     SDS 


Aluminum Sulfate SDS TECH
Ferric Chloride SDS   TECH
Ferrous Sulfate  SDS  TECH
Sodium Aluminate     SDS   TECH
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate SDS TECH

Corrosion Inhibitors & Sequestration

Corrguard HWE  SDS TECH
Corrguard 110  SDS TECH
Corrguard 939  SDS TECH
Water Guard OP 37  SDS TECH
Water Guard OP 50  SDS TECH
Water Guard Ferroquest SDS TECH



Dechlor-C Calcium Thiosulfate SDS TECH
Norweco Bioneutralizer Tablets SDS TECH
Norweco Biomax Tablets SDS TECH
Sodium Bisulfite 25% SDS TECH
Sodium Bisulfite 38% SDS TECH
Sodium Thiosulfate SDS TECH
Sodium Thiosulfate 30%  SDS TECH
Vita-D-Chlor Granular SDS TECH
Vita-D-Chlor Tablets SDS TECH


Disinfection & Oxidation

Ammonium Hydroxide 19% SDS TECH
Calcium Hypochlorite Granular SDS TECH
Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets SDS TECH
Gas Chlorine 150 lb. Cylinder SDS TECH
Hydrogen Peroxide 32%  SDS TECH
Norweco Biosanitizer Tablets SDS TECH
Potassium Monopersulfate SDS TECH
Potassium Permanganate SDS TECH
Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%  SDS TECH
Trichlor Sticks SDS TECH
Trichlor Tablets SDS TECH

Fluoridation & Filter Additives

Hydrofluosilicic Acid  SDS  TECH
Diatomaceous Earth SDS TECH
Sodium Fluorosilicate SDS  TECH


 pH Adjustment

Caustic Soda Beads SDS TECH
Caustic Soda 25% and 50% SDS TECH
Magnesium Hydroxide SDS TECH
Muriatic Acid SDS TECH
Phosphoric Acid 75% SDS TECH
Sodium Bicarbonate SDS TECH
Sodium Bisulfate SDS TECH
Sulfuric Acid SDS TECH


Nitrification Process

Acetic Acid 56%  SDS TECH
Micro-C 2000 SDS TECH
Methanol      SDS TECH
Phosphoric Acid 75% SDS  TECH


Other Processes

Ammonyx Lo Surfactant SDS TECH
Calcium Chloride SDS TECH
Isoproyl Alcohol  SDS  TECH
Isocyanuric Acid Stabilizer SDS TECH
Water Guard Solar 170A SDS  TECH


Technical Support

Water Guard brings knowledgable customer support along with its products. From feed rate calculations, specific gravity testing and dosing requirements, Water Guard technicians are available throughout the use of the products and can assist with performance testing, feed calculations, dosing requirements and storage solutions